Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Gear Test Route

Time to test the bike fully loaded. This was a mini 4 day tour which happened to coincide with the windiest day of the year. My top speed downhill on the stretch to North Walsham was a staggering 7 miles an hour. Yet I did have an encounter with the Google Camera Car, right at the very moment I was doing a footballer's nose blow. I keep checking Google Maps yet they still only have 2009 data on the site and I wait with anticipation for the time I am immortalised in all my unclassy glory.

I am used to camping yet not with the stress of having a bicycle that screams 'steal me' outside my tent. I decided to attach the guy rope to the handlebars so that if stolen the tent falling on my face would alert me.

A couple of nights later I tried the 'peg tent over bike' approach. Unfortunately no-one has tried to steal my bicycle yet so I am not sure which is the best option

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