Friday, 8 April 2011

Pedalling distractedly East

I probably have the world's most unupdated blog prior to a bike journey and thought that I really should add a post before I embark on a journey east. Yet, as is typical with me, I became distracted while researching visa requirements for Turkmenistan and stumbled upon the work of Laura Galbraith: her picture of "Bike Bread Delivery" of girl on a bicycle loaded up with baguettes and donning pigatils reminded me of.. well me! Ok my hair's not pink and my legs are not that long and the stilettos have now been stored in the attic and my sit up and beg bicycle with wicker basket has been usurped by a rather stern though still lovely all black we mean business Thorn Raven Tour with a handlebar bag.. yet I digress - here is Laura's picture of which I look nothing like

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  1. Ok - I'm nearly at the beginning (having just clicked 'newer posts') - and looking forward to the virtual tour!