Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Suffolk to Basel

"Er excusez moi monsieur" I muttered to the bespectatcled business man as I searched for the route into Basel, Switzerland still not totally convinced I was actually in Switzerland after a near miss with Germany and believing I was on an industrial estate rather than a border crossing 
He looked at me blankly. Aah, not French, silly me as I took a deep breath and sought my German equivalent
"Entschuldigung, wie komme ich am besten.." I began in my best schoolgirl German. He continued to look at me blankly and with almost a begging expression interrupted me with "parlez vous anglais?"
For a second I wasn't sure if he was French asking to speak English, Swiss wanting to help me with my pitiful French and German attempts or perhaps he really was English! He was!, working here as an expat right on the border with France  "lots of drugs round these frontiers you see" he explained and then seeing my slightly worried expression chuckled and added "Pharmaceutical companies I mean, that's what we're doing here, don't worry it's as safe as houses here"
"Aah, good and Basel centre?" as by now the sun was setting and I had as usual not thought to check out any place to sleep and was a little paranoid about spending the night on a park bench with my orange survival bag for fear my ex CEO who had a home here would somehow stumble upon me on his early morning jog and see what I've become.
"Just follow the tramlines".. and so I did and Basel was lovely in the dark and I've now had time to upload the photos from UK and France. You can view them in slideshow on the Photo page next to Where Am I tab or go via the Picassa link below

SherlockTales: UK and France

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  1. Lovely pics. ONly a couple years worth to catch you up!