This trip is self-funded yet friends and family have generously donated a bike light, a journal, a spare tyre (which is the first time I have ever wanted one rather than wanting to get rid of one) numerous pints of beer and lunches and150€ which, with my budget of 5€ a day, will see me fed and watered for the first month! So thank you all!

However a lot of people have asked if I am doing this for charity and I thought well if you want to give to charity then give to charity. Really, you do not need me to get sweaty and grubby on a bicycle to give money to a good cause! 

Yet there are 3 charities that mean something to me, my friends and family and they are the National Osteoporosis Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and MacMillan Cancer Support. Simply click on the charity you wish to support and donate now! These are not links to my fundraising page just simply a direct link to the donate page of the charities. 

Thank you.