I weighed my panniers before setting off and I tipped the scales at 22 kg*. This included food supplies for a few days and some staples for longer, stove, saucepans, clothes (cold weather ones too), tent, sleeping bag, mat, tool kit, spare nuts and bolts, batteries, inner tubes,  chain, toiletries, laptop, a kindle and a cuddly toy.

Try fitting that into your suitcase next time you take a flight!

I will be reviewing the performance of the below items in due course

Bicycle and bags

Camping Equipment

Navigation, Tracking and Communications

iPhone 3g


I have no cycling specific clothing apart from a pair of padded undershorts*
Icebreaker leggings, 2 base layers, 1 T shirt, boxer shorts, socks
Marmot waterproof trousers
Colombia (fake!) knee length shorts
Halfords Cycling gloves
Arc'teryx lightweight combats


Flip flops

* 1 year on and my bags fluctuate! I believe my heaviest has been about 35+kg during winter in China