Where am I?

A wee winter adventure in the Arctic Circle
The below maps recording my route and tweets combined have been made possible thanks to SPOT Tracker  and Social Hiking.

My Current Location

Countries cycled

New Zealand


  1. Wow, I am overwhelmingly impressed and inspired by what you are doing! I hope one day I can connect with you out on the road.
    So well done, and I'll be following you from now on. Best of luck!
    Gavin Leone

  2. Inspiring! As I keen cyclist and traveler I'm thoroughly flabbergasted with what you're doing. Keep it up! : )

  3. Last night i got familiar with you, From now i'll be following you. Really you are a great woman, I wish i could visit you when you were in Iran.
    Goooooood Luck

    Soheila Heidari